The TImber Trail is OPEN.  Check our Trail Status for more information

Trail Status - What you need to know!

Current Riding Conditions

The Timber Trail is OPEN

Generally, the trail is riding well despite the inclement summer weather. Check you have packed plenty of warm gear, sunscreen, a PLB and some food and plenty of water - and make the most of some stunning riding. (It can still be very cold over the top)

If you see something that needs fixing, please let us know

Current Hazards: 

  • There is a slip at the 70km mark.  A diversion is in place.  Please do not cross hazard barriers that have been placed across the track.

  • Cyclists should dismount and walk this section.  Extreme caution is advised.

  • The detour is steep and may be quite slippery. Try and walk on the grass/vegetation rather than on the gravel surface which is slipperier.

  • There is a steep downhill to a creek at the bottom and then a steep uphill which takes you back to the Trail

  • If you have an e-bike it may be a good idea to work in pairs and take one bike down/up at a time. Use the “Walk” mode on your e-bike if you have it.

  • If you arrive there by yourself and are a bit nervous, wait fo

  • The track from 60kms - 72kms is wetter and rougher than we would like, take your time and ride to your ability.

  • The last 3kms of the track has recently been regraded, the surface is still soft so care should be taken.  More work is due to be completed on this section.

Central North Island Heartland Ride Alert

Please note there is additional traffic on Link Road into the YMCA Camp (due to renovations).  Please ensure you keep alert and stick to the road rules for everyone's safety.  

The Arataki Bridge is due for an upgrade - we are waiting for a timeline for the project.

If you see anything on this track that needs attention - please let us know.

Kōpaki bridge closed - detour in place

Due to risk of collapse the existing the old Kōpaki rail overbridge on State Highway 30, south of Te Kūiti, will permanently close to all vehicles from Friday 9 December.

From 9 December until the replacement bridge is completed in April 2023, all traffic between Te Kūiti and Maniaiti/Benneydale will need to use alternate route.  When heading to Piropiro or Waimiha, head South on SH3, then SH4 before turning onto Kōpaki Road

(Check out our packing list Plan Ahead)

Happy riding - and celebrate being out in the wonderful Pureora Forest Park

Summer 2022

In an emergency - Dial 111.

 In case of fire, accident or other emergency.
Give Emergency Services your location (nearest km marker)

How are we doing?

The team behind the Timber Trail are always looking to check in on how we are doing giving you as a rider a great experience - so please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

The Timber Trail is a partnership.  Thanks to our partners for making this Adventure Cycle Trail possible.


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