Trail Status - planning ahead (and feeding back)

Current Riding Conditions

The Timber Trail is OPEN.  

It's Spring riding and we have had some heavy rain so they may be some mud on the top sections.

After very heavy rain the last sections from 77km mark maybe closed due to the river being too high.  Please keep an eye for signage - diversions will be marked. Talk to your shuttle / accommodation operator who can advise. (This only happens very occasionally)

Ensure you have packed plenty of warm gear, a PLB and some food - and make the most of some stunning riding.

Happy riding - and celebrate being out in the wonderful Pureora Forest Park

November 2020

In an emergency - Dial 111.

 In case of fire, accident or other emergency.
Give Emergency Services your location (nearest km marker)

Track Maintenance

The team from DOC are constantly working on the trail.  However, if you do spot something that needs attention, please let us know. (It's a long trail so we can't see everything)  Check back to see Trail Status updates.

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Thanks for taking the time to let us know about an issue on the Timber Trail. We'll get the team onto sorting it as soon as we can.

How are we doing?

The team behind the Timber Trail are always looking to check in on how we are doing giving you as a rider a great experience - so please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

The Timber Trail is a partnership.  Thanks to our partners for making this Adventure Cycle Trail possible.


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