The Timber Trail is OPEN.  Check our Trail Status for more information

Trail Status - What you need to know!

Current Riding Conditions

The Timber Trail is OPEN

The trail is open for Autumn.  With the change in season, we are getting variable days so plan for cold temperatures and still pack your sunscreen!

Ensure you have plenty of warm gear and pack well for both heat and cold - it's Summer in NZ

  • Work has begun on the last 8kms of the track (especially. 78kms - 82kms) as it is not to standard.  The contractors will have machinery onsite and will be operating after Easter weekend.  Do take extra care, and if requested, stop when requested for the safety of everyone - and we'll get the job done!

Bridge Load Testing - Monday 8th April - Thursday 11 April

As part of ongoing maintenance and safety processes, the team from DOC are load testing the suspension bridges this week.  There may be short delays while the team complete this work, so please follow instructions...and they will get you on the way as soon as they can

  • Monday 8th | am - Mangatukutuku | pm - Waikoura

  • Tuesday 9th | am - Waione | pm - Maramataha

  •  Wednesday 10th | am - Orauwaka | pm - Angels Rest and Harrisons

  •  Thursday 11th | Bog Inn

  • We encourage bikepackers to use Pureora cabins at the northern end at this time due to heightened security concerns.


The trail is riding well. Check you have packed warm gear (just in case), sunscreen, a PLB and some food and plenty of water - and make the most of some stunning riding.

If you see something that needs fixing, please let us know

(Check out our packing list Plan Ahead)

Happy riding - and celebrate being out in the wonderful Pureora Forest Park

In an emergency - Dial 111.

 In case of fire, accident or other emergency.
Give Emergency Services your location (nearest km marker)

Current Hazards: 

Maintenance work is continuing on the track, please be aware of contractors and follow instructions if asked.  If you see something that needs sorting - Please let us know!

Connected Heartland Ride Updates

Arataki Bridge Replacement - OPEN

Construction on a new replacement bridge for the iconic but past its use by date tramping track swing bridge is complete.  The new bridge features a 650mm deck width and 31m long; like some of the suspension bridges on the Timber Trail.  The new bridge has been officially opened 13 Feb 2024

More on the Centre of North Island Trail

Central North Island Heartland Ride Traffic Alert

Please note there is additional traffic on Link Road into the YMCA Camp (due to renovations).  Please stay alert and follow the road rules for everyone's safety.  Stay left where practical.

If you see anything on this track that needs attention - please let us know.

Ongarue - Taumarunui Back Road (Tour Aotearoa / Connector Ride)

Expect logging trucks along this road through 2023/24.  Signage is in place.

More on this Connector Ride

How are we doing?

The team behind the Timber Trail are always looking to check in on how we are doing giving you as a rider a great experience - so please take a few minutes to complete this survey.

The Timber Trail is a partnership.  Thanks to our partners for making this Adventure Cycle Trail possible.


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