The Timber Trail is OPEN.  Check our Trail Status for more information

Create your Timber Trail adventure memories

Discover stories and secrets of a remarkable forest...
Ride (or walk) a trail journey through time deep in the heart of the North Island.

Come and explore Pureora on the truly unforgettable Timber Trail - one of the 23 Great Rides of the Ngā Haerenga - New Zealand Cycle Trail Network.

Give us 5 mins of your time to feedback.  Help ensure the trail flourishes into the future and win!


Key Details:

Grade2 - 3A mix of easy and intermediate
Distance85 km Total descent 353m
ClimbingUp 1,412mDown 1,765m
Duration2 - DaysRide all year
LocationCentral North Islandin the heart of the King country

The Timber Trail is a partnership.  Thanks to our partners for making this Adventure Cycle Trail possible.


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