Create your Timber Trail adventure memories

Discover stories and secrets of a remarkable forest...
Ride (or walk) a trail journey through time deep in the heart of the North Island.

Trail Open Under Level 2 | Please check details below

Level 2 : All the trail is OPEN under Alert Level 2. (from Wednesday 17th November 21)
Please check Covid Alert Level Travel information for further details.

Come and explore Pureora on the truly unforgettable Timber Trail - one of the 22 Great Rides of the Ngā Haerenga - New Zealand Cycle Trail Network.

Give us 5 mins of your time to feedback.  Help ensure the trail flourishes into the future and win!


Key Details:

Grade2 - 3A mix of easy and intermediate
Distance85 km Total descent 353m
ClimbingUp 1,412mDown 1,765m
Duration2 - DaysRide all year
LocationCentral North Islandin the heart of the King country

The Timber Trail is a partnership.  Thanks to our partners for making this Adventure Cycle Trail possible.


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