Take a Journey of Discovery - Emerge Reinvigorated

Discover the Timber Trail and all its stories and secrets hidden in this remarkable forest... ride a trail journey through time deep in the heart of the North Island.   Widely regarded as New Zealand's Number One multi day ride adventure ride - traversing awe-inspiring forests, teeming with cacophonous bird life, incredible suspension bridges and so much more.

The full adventure

Generally ridden as a two-day adventure staying at one of our great accommodation options, or pack your tent and camp.  Discover 85km of unparalleled riding on well-graded and flowing track. Here's everything you need to plan your ride.

Short on time?

Sometimes you just want to check things out, or you are short on time.  These four options will whet your appetite to discover the timber trail further.  Options at each end of the trail access roads.

Where to find the ride

Nestled between Waitomo and Taumarunui and the western side of LakeTaupō. More details on distances and transport options...

Incredible ecology

Trees connecting us back to ancient times including giant tōtara, rimu, mataī, miro and kahikatea trees that tower 40-60 metres into the air. A cacophony of birdsong emanates from the canopy; maybe  spot the rare kōkako, kākā, kākāriki, rifleman or North Island robin.  Discover how the trail is helping with predator control to preserve our unique wildlife.

Engineering marvels

With stunning suspension bridges, the engineering marvel of the Ongarue Spiral, legacy tunnels and old tramline infrastructure, there is plenty to challenge and excite along the way

The Human Touch

Hear the stories of the ancient Māori, more modern tussles over our taonga and the fight to save a rare and special place. Best of all, enjoy unplugging from the outside world and experiencing new adventures with friends old and new. Discover the stories of the trail and more...

The Timber Trail is a partnership.  Thanks to our partners for making this Adventure Cycle Trail possible.


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