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Short Rides for all the Family

Sometimes you just don't have the time, or you just want a taste of the Timber Trail (whetting your appetite for future escapades). 
Try some of these options from various access points across the Pureora Forest Park.

Maramataha Bridge on the Timber Trail

Ride the Mighty Maramataha Suspension Bridge

Want to take your time exploring Piropiro but get that bucket list shot across our longest suspension bridge (and we think you'll agree it's pretty spectacular!) 

Leaving Piropiro you'll ride down the gravel road before disappearing into the virgin bush on a purpose-built trail, sidling around the streams below.  Listen for the bird calls, pause and breathe in the fresh air supported by the virgin and regenerating native forest.  Celebrate by riding over the stunning 141m long and 53m high suspension bridge.  If you've got a little more time and energy, you can keep heading south up the hill to the Terminus (the end of the original bush tramway) before retracing your steps (and enjoying some sweet downhill)

  • Approximately 9kms kms of Intermediate riding.  Allow 2-3 hours.

Bush Tramway Relics | Timber Trail NZ

Piropiro to Ongarue via the Mighty Bridges, Spiral and more...

Short on time?  Then get yourself transported to Piropiro from Ongarue and ride the magnificent suspension bridges, the Ongarue Spiral and marvel at the fortitude of the pioneering foresters of times past.  Finish this 43km adventure back where you started, satisfied you've tasted the trail - and ready to come back for more. (See full trail notes for more detail).  This ride is the "Day Two" ride of the full adventure.

  • Approximately 43 kms of Intermediate riding.  Allow 4-5 hours.

Pureora Timber Trail Crawler Tractor

Pureora Crawler Tractor Loop (Pikiariki)

The Crawler Tractor Loop is great for those who want to experience the Timber Trail but have limited time. The relatively short ride (7 km) goes through native forest to the site of the 1920s tractor, stranded in time.  Return home via a gravel road to the Pureora car park. 

This section includes the Totara walk through a section of Pikiariki.

Alternatively, you can ride to Pureora forest edge shelter at the 8km mark, have a picnic here and then return the same way for a 16km round trip cycle experience.

Piropiro Discovery Loop

From the campsite, riders can head north on the trail back towards Pureora for an 8km return ride to Okauaka Stream where the Whio, the native blue duck, may be spotted if you’re lucky. (It's the very special duck featured on our ten dollar note)

Ellis and Burns Tramway at Ongarue Spiral on the Timber Trail

Ongarue to the Spiral return

It’s 8km uphill (16km return) from the car park in Ongarue to the famous Ongarue Spiral, the only rideable spiral in the world.

For a longer ride, continue to the spectacular Mangatukutuku Suspension Bridge, just past Goat Creek (69km marker) for a 30km round trip ride.
However far you go, it will be all downhill back to the startline.

Forest Tower Walk - discover our ecology and history

This 12 m high tower is a 10 minute walk from Bismarck Rd car park. It gives you an entirely different perspective of life up in the forest canopy. It is a good spot for observing native birds such as kereru (wood pigeon), kākāriki (parakeets), and kākā (forest parrot).

The tower also features signage that tells the story of the protesters and movement that saved our forest in the late seventies and eighties.

From Barryville Road, take Pikiariki Road then Bismarck Road.


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